What really works to lose weight?

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You want to know what really works to lose weight right?

That is the most coveted question of the last twenty years. More than 1,300 million people suffer from obesity in the world and the number is rising. In the US a third of the population is obese and an estimated 42% of Americans will suffer from obesity by 2030. The answer is increasingly difficult to find.

Obesity is not only a health issue, it is also an economic issue. The weight loss industry is worth more than 60 billion dollars a year in the United States.

Scientists refute some myths and misconceptions circulating among the population and are disseminated by media, government agencies or by some doctors. The article's authors believe that these popular beliefs are counterproductive to the design of effective policies to combat obesity. For example allege that breastfeeding does not protect against obesity, or conclude that rapid weight loss is not bad, have breakfast regularly does not prevent obesity or eating fruits and vegetables helps not to lose weight.

So, what's the answer to: What really works to lose weight?

Is slippery. Most experts agree that obesity may have a lot of factors involved (cultural, environmental, genetic, behavioral, neurological, psychological ...) and it is very difficult to find a cure for them. Neither there are miracles nor magic to fight the great epidemic of the century formulas.

The best way to lose weight is ...

Every day new diets that promise weight loss surefire -Diets of a single food, dissociated diets, etc. But in the end , do not work: the weight is regained . In addition endanger health. The most effective slimming cures, for now, pass through a low calorie diet and exercise -low in calories-if aerobic better. The reason is simple: fewer calories and more exercise equals less weight.

If only becomes diet , fat and lean tissue something is decreased, but if exercise is performed in addition , is lost fat and muscle tissue is maintained even increases . Its effect on the metabolism continues for hours, and more calories are eliminated. Additionally exercise training increases the feeling of well-being and self-esteem. Aerobic exercise is best for burning calories than resistance training, according to a study published in December in the Journal of Applied Physiology, comparing both to determine which is best for weight loss and fat.

If you suffer from overweight or obesity the best diet is no diet: definitely change to a balanced, varied and healthy eating for life, limiting saturated fat, junk food and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, and most importantly, do not stop doing physical exercise every day (if you can not play sports, walk ...). It Works!

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