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How to Lose Weight Just Being Consistent?

Although it seems difficult, with a few simple changes in your eating habits you will lose weight healthily. If you're overweight, or just want to lose a few pounds and it costs much dieting, some changes in your eating habits will help you lose weight. Try to lose weight slowly. It is more effective lose a pound a week to achieve healthy weight.

The key: Food Choices

It is very important to eat foods low in fat and sugars, because you will reduce the number of calories you eat per day. These tips will help you control your diet:

1. Choose foods low in fat

It is always better to take foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Take a slice of fish or a veggie burger instead of a steak, burger or chicken breast with skin. If you take too many foods high in fat, your diet will be very caloric and it will cost you control your weight. It is also important that you can distinguish the different dietary fats, since its effect on health is also different. Unsaturated fats (monoinsatuiradas and polyunsaturated) are healthy when taken in moderation. The deprecated fats are saturated and trans fats.

2. Prefer integral grains

Replace, whenever possible, breads, rice and pasta made with refined flour for products made with integral grains. Integral grains are rich in complex carbohydrates. In addition to satiate longer hours, -which helps control weight- integral grains are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

This type of carbohydrates, which has a high nutritional quality, is healthier than refined flour containing products because they provide more vitamins, minerals (magnesium, selenium, copper and manganese), unsaturated fats and antioxidants than refined grains. Complex carbohydrates, along with vegetables and fruits are also the best sources of dietary fiber.

3. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

Take lots of fruit. It is advisable to consume eight daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. You can take a piece of fruit or prepare a fruit salad. Enjoy fruits of the season. You can also opt for an orange juice or natural grapefruit (but beware with processed fruit, they may contain a lot of sugar) or a spoonful of jam or natural jelly (controls the sugar content, as some can be very caloric). Fruits provide micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) and fiber. They are good for cardiovascular health by reducing high blood pressure and lower cholesterol (LDL). Besides fruits strengthen our immune system and help prevent obesity.

4. Takes milk or nonfat dairy products

Take one serving of dairy, but try to be always skim (nonfat) or 1% fat (low fat). This way, you will be reducing saturated fats from your daily diet. You should do it especially if your cholesterol levels are high. These foods provide our diet overall good quality protein, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin A. You can always add chopped fruits and integral grains.

5. Include legumes in your diet

Take legumes (peas, beans or beans) three times a week. In winter you can eat in vegetable broths and delicious summer salad. Avoid preparing bacon, butter or meat high in fat, as this food become a calorie dish. Legumes are rich in proteins. They provide complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and sodium), vitamins and antioxidants. Combined with cereals (rice) are an excellent and healthy source of protein, equivalent to a beef steak, but no cholesterol. You can also eat algae, and they are delicious if you cook them with spices (pepper, cumin and turmeric).

6. Reduce the consumption of sweets

Eliminate sugar-rich foods in your weekly diet because they provide calories. If you take too many foods high in sugar, your body will transform into fat in the form of triglycerides, which will cause obesity. Limit consumption of these products because they contain empty calories. Ie high in calories but lack of vitamins and other nutrients. If you fancy something sweet, choose a healthy fruit than a sweet candy. A very healthy option is to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners. The stevia plant is one of the best choices you can make. It is a natural low calorie sweetener that you can find in specialty stores.

7. Beverages, best water

The best drink you can take if you want to lose weight is water. You will hydrate and quench your thirst without pursing calories. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Drinks are high in calories. Take low-fat milk. Prepare fruit juices, but avoid add sugar. You will increase the calories in the drink. Remember that fruit already contains natural sugars (fructose). Avoid processed versions, if you have time to prepare them , when you go to the store, look at the nutrition label and always chooses the juice with less sugar content.

8. Cooking healthily

Preparing your dishes healthily will help you cut calories. Avoid fried foods that may contain a lot of oil and therefore, fat. Aline your salads and your dishes with little oil (olive oil is better). Leave mayonnaise or dressing for special occasions, if you can not resist always choose those that are low in fat. Avoid fatty cheese, butter and cream in preparing your dishes.

9. Do not forget physical activity

Stay active. It is very important to exercise every day. If you can not go to a gym, try to at least walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days per week or 45-60 minutes, and at least three days per week. Small changes in your routine like walking a few meters, walking quickly, get off a few stops early and walk, go grocery shopping at a distant place, down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, take advantage of the lunch break to walk 10 to 20 minutes or stay active at home (washing the car, vacuuming, cultivate the garden ..) can have large benefits for your health.

Aerobic exercise is highly recommended (cycling, swimming or walking), taking care to be moderated and avoiding to be severe or abrupt. Start small and increases the intensity and the amount of time you spend exercising.

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