Tips to Avoid Cellulite

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how to avoid cellullite

How can we avoid cellullite?

Did you know that unwanted cellulite can be prevented? Stay alert to this article and know the keys for it. With any diet, exercise frequently or massaging the affected areas daily, you will end with this nightmare. We teach you the tricks to avoid cellulite. Follow these tips and you'll look a radiant skin.

1. STOP fluid Retention

Usually is what produces more orange skin and cellulite. To remedy, get addicted to diuretic infusions and drink lot of water.

2. Daily Massage

Apply creams and do yourself a massage. So you will get activate the circulation in your blood and you will help drain toxins in a natural way. The caffeine-based creams are the most recommended

3. Firming creams

This product will help their properties penetrate your skin and help you eliminate fat. The reducing gels make it through the heat and the firming will help the skin does not sag. We recommend firming creams containing extracts of algae. Follow this cellulite treatment after every shower.

4. Exercise

Playing sports in moderation will help prevent the appearance of cellulite. With the movement you burn fat off your body naturally. Go to a gym or walk for an hour.You'll notice!

5. Zero Alcohol

These beverages contain empty calories, which causes the appearance of fat. Avoid eating them will help prevent the appearance of unwanted cellulite.

6. Avoid High heels

Although they stylize us a lot, if you're always rise to the heels your blood does not circulate properly, which can cause the appearance of cellulite.

7. Exercise for the glutes

Besides practice sport, perform this specific activity. Lie up down with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Then, lift the buttocks to the maximum and repeat the movement 15 times. If you do every mornin, you will start to notice results after a month.

8. Nutritious food

Citrus will help stimulate the circulation, besides acting as a natural fat burning. Betting for fruits like kiwi, orange or pineapple. And ... do not forget the fiber! Foods such as whole grain or whole wheat bread, will help fight constipation and, therefore, will retain less liquid.

9. Little coffee

While caffeine acts as preventer of cellulite, thanks to its properties, and we found it in many cosmetics, you should avoid drink it in large amounts, as coffee drinking does not have the same effects. If you are a true addict, try reducing your coffee to two a day.

10. Goodbye salt

This is one of the worst ingredients, it contributes greatly to fluid retention. Reduce salt intake in your meals and notice how your cellulite is reduced.

11. All grilled

Steaming (ideal for fish or shellfish) or grilled is much healthier than fried. Eating like this will make your body consume less fat and avoid the appearance of orange peel.

12. Dinner Pineapple

The pineapple is a phenomenal draining. In addition, if you dinner some slices of this natural fruit you will quickly fill your stomach and eat less. Moreover, their high content in fiber and detoxifying properties will help eliminate toxins.

13. Cold Water

Terminate your bath or shower with a splash of cold water activates the circulation in your legs. For the rise of more effect, focuses the jet in ankles and go up slowly and circling, to the waist. You will tone up your muscles and reaffirm your skin. Ideal against cellulite!

Your body burns more fat in the morning. At night, however, stores energy. So we recommend that you apply cosmetic products that promote natural drainage and burning fat in the mornings. You will delete fastest cellulite! Remember the three pillars before the appearance of cellulite are healthy diet, exercise and massage. If you are consistently, you will avoid the unwanted cellulite appears. It Works!

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