Tips for Having the Longest and Healthiest Hair

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Do you wanna have longer hair?

Getting a long, beautiful and radiant hair is not easy for many women, and is that either because the growth of your hair is slower or because is severely damaged they can not look the length they would like. Usually the hair grows from 1.2 to 1.5 cm per month and even if it seems impossible, there are certain habits and care that can help accelerate this process and presume an extra long hair before expected. Do not miss the tricks to have longer hair in this article, start now to implement them.

1. Brush your hair

One of the tricks to get the simplest long hair is to brush frequently, at least three times a day. This task, in the same way that head massage, stimulate blood flow achieving that arrive more nutrients to the roots of the hair and therefore encouraging growth and strength. It is essential that you choose a natural bristle brush to prevent breakage to the hair and discard those made of plastic that generate static electricity.

2. Rinse with cold water

At the end of washing hair, it is advisable to do the final rinse with cold water. This is a trick that all hairdressing experts recommend, as the water in this temperature seals hair cuticles, which greatly enhances their growth. Not only that, this small action will add an extra shine and softness to your hair.

3. Vitamins for hair

If your hair takes a long time to grow and is damaged you may be needing a good supply of vitamins to help you have a healthier appearance. Among the best vitamins for hair growth are vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, all of which are present in countless foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet.

4. Thermal Protector

One of the greatest enemies of the hair, and can possibly be causing the hair to grow more slowly, is the heat generated by equipment such as hairdryers, irons or curling. The ideal is not subject to high temperatures hair very often, but if you can not mold your hair without using any of these devices, a great trick is to apply a heat protector before use. Place the thermal protector on wet hair and spread it evenly from root to tip

5. Cutting tips

Although many fear to the scissors, the truth is that cutting the tips from time to time is essential if you want to wear a longer and healthier hair. This is the surest way to completely remove the damaged parts of the hair and make this grow following the natural process. Try to do it every three months and you will notice the difference.

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