The Truth About Exfoliate Your Skin Everyday

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Is it wrong to use exfoliating every day?

In recent times there have been a lot of cosmetic promoting exfoliation daily; exfoliate the skin means remove impurities and dead skin, however, if it is done daily can jeopardize our face. So is it wrong to use exfoliating every day? Keep reading this article to find out.

Why should you exfoliate your skin?

Exfoliate the skin allows us to remove dead cells that accumulate in our face and get the skin breathe better; also, be renewing our skin contributes to wrinkles do not acquire depth and the stains are losing intensity. We know that every 25 or 28 days the skin cells regenerate, therefore, is at this point that we should perform the exfoliation; however, major cosmetic brands launch products for daily exfoliation then, the doubt arises again: is it good or bad use exfoliant every day?

Exfoliate daily skin

As mentioned, the skin cells regenerate every 25 or 28 days, so it would not be advisable to exfoliate your skin daily but it would be interesting to do it at the time of regeneration. However, our skin is not like snakes: we change the cells progressively during this period. We must be aware that exfoliate the skin of an excessive way can make the surface layer is removed, whose function is to protect the skin from sunlight.

So, if you exfoliate every day, you will become more vulnerable to the sun and may cause burns or skin irritation. Yet we must say that if you are thinking exfoliate the skin every day with a cosmetic developed for this application, you can do it without problem: the composition of these beauty products is designed for everyday use, ie the chemical and power which will normally have a scrub weekly use, are reduced to be used daily. But, if you regularly exfoliate your face with homemade scrubs do not do it every day because, as we've said before, you can endanger the health of your skin.

Using the exfoliating according to skin type

If you are not going to use cosmetics made for your daily exfolación and choose to do with home remedies, you should consider these premises that align with your skin type.

- If you have dry skin is advisable to exfoliate your skin once every two weeks.

- If you have oily skin without acne, you should exfoliate your face 1 to week.

- If you have oily skin with acne is recommended that you visit a doctor to give you guidelines to follow adapted to the needs of your epidermis.

- If you have combination skin it is recommended that the fattier areas exfoliate 1 to week and drier 1 time every 2 weeks.

Recommendations to exfoliate your skin

When asked if it is wrong to use exfoliating every day the answer is it depends on the product you're using: using a cosmetic preparation for this use, can exfoliate your skin daily; If, however, you use a natural exfoliant, it is advisable to exfoliate your skin at most 1 time per week (depending on skin type you have). You should not exfoliate your skin if you have it irritated or if you have any wound. Nor is it advisable to exfoliate sensitive areas of the body as in the neckline, the contour of lips and eyes or breasts.

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