Why is it Important Chewing the Food

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Do you care about chewing the food?

Not always we have as much time as we want to eat, and sometimes when we have it, we continue feeding quickly as a habit. But there is something that both gastroenterologists and nutritionists agree: it is very important to chew food adequately to ensure our health and prevent overeating. What is this? Here we explain in detail why it is important to chew food.

1. Because it promotes good digestion

One of the main reasons why it is important to chew your food well is because this process promotes proper digestion, thus reducing the chance of developing stomach heaviness, gas and stomach discomfort. When we chew, our saliva secretes enzymes that favor the formation of the bolus, lubricating food and desintegrate it with the help of our teeth, so when the food reaches our stomachs, digest it requires less work, so digestion will be much more lightweight and fast.

2. Because helps to better digest the nutrients

The same process that allows segregation of enzymes for the formation of a suitable bolus to be digested, is the one that ensures that, once inside the stomach, can accurately separate nutrients, maximizing the benefits of each food. When not chew in this process is difficult, so in addition to slow digestion our body will not be able to effectively use the nutrients in food or to separate toxic substances thereof, which promotes poor nutrition and high storage toxins in the body.

3. Because it helps us eat less

In addition to all the benefits of chewing food we mentioned earlier, this process has another advantage: when chewing food often we send signals to our brain than we consume, through this process, we receive faster the signals that indicate we are satisfied and therefore we eat less. Several studies show that those who chew more times food and eat in a calm and unhurried have less risk of obesity.

4. Because enjoyed most of the flavor of food

Other reasons that highlight the importance of chewing food well is that through this process you enjoyed better taste due to the segregation of saliva. And is that when we eating too fast our taste buds not properly detect the flavors, so power is not completely the taste of the dish or food you are consuming.

5. Other benefits of chewing well

- Promotes the prevention of caries, because saliva greater segregation prevents food stay attached to the teeth and regulates the pH levels in the mouth.

- Help the oxygenation of the body, including the brain, which makes us more attentive and better mood.

- Decreases gastric disorders such as irritable colon or gastritis and reduce stress by eating it forces us to feed slowly.

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