Diabetic Diet Plan

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Are you looking for a diabetic diet plan?

Diabetes requires a special diet always controlled by an endocrinologist. Here are some general guidelines regarding of diabetic diet plan.

Keys for a diabetic diet plan

- Staying in the ideal weight or as close as possible. In man not exceed 94 cm waist circumference and in women and 82 cm.

- Distributing food in 5 or 6 shots so that in each takes the amount to be raised, nor the presence of sugar in the blood.

- The 70% of food of the day should be from earth and more integrals better. The remaining 30% of animal origin poor in fat, skimmed, etc.

- Fiber at every meal: whole food, fruit with skin, shell beans, salads, vegetable dishes.

- Drinks: Water, juices (the righteous to avoid hypoglycemia) and no alcohol.

Recommended foods for diabetic diet plan

1.- Legumes

They contain 20-30% carbohydrate and are very well tolerated by diabetics. Regulate blood sugar level due to its fiber content. Fiber makes the passage of blood sugar be slower and the glucose rises less.

2.- Vegetables

All are very well tolerated. They contain very few calories and thus help prevent obesity. Cauliflower and cabbage, including sauerkraut, lettuce, green beans, peas, cucumber, artichoke, celery, avocado, and mushrooms. Broccoli or broccoli is high in chromium, a trace mineral that regulates blood sugar levels, in fact, people with deficit of chromium are more prone to diabetes. We recommend cooking with parsley.

3.- Whole grains

Barley, wheat and oats. Millet is another hypoglycemic cereal, able to reduce the levels blood sugar, its use is recommended 3 times a week.

4.- Fruit

It is a mistake to believe that diabetics can not eat fruit because it contains fructose. Fruit is necessary, among other things, for its contribution of antioxidant vitamins that protect artery walls so you can continue to enjoy it, yes, in amounts recommended.

The best fruits tolerated for a diabetic diet plan are those with low glycemic index and are rich in soluble fiber that helps to reduce, such as apples (contains pectin helps to control glycemia), avocado, mango, berries (blueberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries) , citrus fruits like lemon and lime. Fruits with higher glucose content such as bananas can be eaten in moderation without exceeding the recommended maximum amounts. It is better to take the whole fruit for juice fiber.

5.- Nuts

Rich in vitamins B and E. You should not abuse them because they provide plenty calories.

6.- Potato

Well tolerated but should consume in controlled amounts, undercooked and chunk better than mashed.

7.- Wheat germ

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Rich in B and E. 4 or 5 tablespoons daily vitamins can reduce insulin requirements because it contains a substance called octaconasol which is substitute for insulin. In addition, consumers of wheat germ have fewer colds thanks to a stronger inmue system.

8.- Brewer's yeast

Considered as a 'vegetable insulin' stimulates the functioning of the pancreas and regulates blood sugar levels. It is rich in protein, vitamins B and minerals including active form of chromium known as factor glucose tolerance.

9.- Aloe vera

Its pulp has managed to remove the dependence on insulin and dose reduction.

10.- Infusion of eucalyptus and cinnamon

Eucalyptus has excellent hypoglycemic properties, ie, able to lower blood sugar. Moreover, cinnamon stimulates the activity of insulin making it work more efficiently.

"Forbidden" foods for a diabetic diet plan

- Sugars. Its use requires careful monitoring because it is the food most directly related to the level of glucose in the blood. With honey occurs the same as with sugar. Beware of refined pastries which also is rich in fats.

- Chocolate with less than 70% of cocoa. This chocolate is for diabetics as pastries. If you have more than 70% cocoa, 1-2 ounces a day are not bad.

-Meat. Excessive consumption of meat seems to be directly related to the onset of diabetes. It is best to take better lean meat cooked, roasted, grilled or baked 3 times a week.

- Alcohol. Causes cells to become resistant to insulin and worsen the progression of diabetes.

-Salt. It is directly related to hypertension which are prone to diabetic people.

Before doing something of this article, it is recommended visit a doctor previously, because everyone is different and react in other ways to distinct foods. Hope this article about diabetic diet plan could help you.

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