10 Recommendations for a Healthy Diet

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Tips for a Healthy Diet

To keep the suitable weight, you just only have to follow some simple rules and try to feed as healthy as possible. Continues reading, and you will know everything for having a Healthy Diet.

1.- Eat varied but not too much

The secret to a complete feeding is not always eat the same. Eat different foods, vary in vegetables, grains, legumes and fruits. Here is the success of a balanced and healthy diet.

2.- Less fat and fatty foods

There are several types of fats. The "invisible" fats are the most harmful, we do not have them and also tend to be saturated (dairy, red meat, sausages, etc). Good fats are unsaturated, omega, which were found on olive oil, sunflower oil, nuts and seeds. However, we should not take them in excess.

3.- Many vegetables and fresh fruit

In them lies the eternal youth: vitamins and minerals. You will find them in these foods, which are also easy to digest, cheap and not fattening.

4.- More whole grains

Not only because of the fiber, but also because in the shell we find vitamin B, which is the vitamin of the nervous system, which helps us to defend ourselves from stress, rest and sleep well. Also whole grain energy is absorbed slowly, we will avoid peak blood glucose.

5.- Less animal origin protein

Because they have saturated covert fat, they contain no fiber and produce intestinal problems. It is appropriate that the protein is predominantly vegetable (legumes, nuts), as is associated fiber and generates fermentative intestinal flora, which is ideal for assimilate nutrients and remove metabolic wastes.

6.- Few sweets and sugar

That as much make up 5% of the daily diet. An ideal way to take sugar for those who like it, is to drink fasting a glass of warm water with lemon and a teaspoon of honey. It is a great tonic and calm anxiety. And if you have desires of sweet, eat some fruit.

7.- Less salt and salty foods

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The palate also is exercised. For a healthy diet, is recommended eat all the meals in its purest form, without need to disguise with huge amounts of salt, sauces or condiments. The best spices are fresh or dried herbs: oregano, thyme, basil, chives, parsley. They help the digestive process and have no side effects.

8.- Drink 2 liters a day of mineral water or tea

Especially if our diet does not contain enough fruits and vegetables, which are foods that bring us water, will require hydration of pure herbal teas or water. Avoid canned drinks, sweetened with bubbles, caffeine, alcohol.

9.- Better several simple meals

Our digestive system suffers if in one meal different foods are mixed with different chemical composition. The metabolism of nutrients associated with such foods will be more expensive in terms of resources that our body uses. Therefore we will feel more tired, will surrender worse intellectually and even accumulate waste substances.

10.- The less processed foods are the healthiest

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Cooking them at low temperatures, choose the freshest and most natural possible, less processed foods, avoid redesigned food, redefined, highly processed food, far from their natural state. The less processed foods are the best for a healthy diet.

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