Sugaring Hair Removal Recipe

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Sugaring hair removal, a natural method

The sugaring hair removal is a very old technique used by the women of the Middle East. It is about a system which have sugar as based product, and can be performed in a home.

Sugaring: natural and without additive

Perhaps what makes sugaring be more popular, is that is a technique that can be done at home with natural products, without adding any additives.

It is an ancient system that has many followers, who has tasted this technique prefer to the wax and which causes less pain. It is also important that the preparation is cheap, and that of course does not contain any chemical or preservative additive that can affect the balance of the skin.

Waxing sugar: ingredients

If we want to take the sugaring in a home only need these ingredients:

- 2 cups sugar.
- 3 tablespoons lemon juice.
- 3 tablespoons water.

How to make sugar wax?

It has some similarity to prepare a not very dense syrup. Sugar can be white or tan. Put the ingredients over medium-high heat until they begin to boil, all this mixing constantly. The goal is to come a time when all the sugar is dissolved. When it reaches the boiling point, lower the heat slightly. You must wait a few minutes until the dough acquires the desired texture.

The color is very important to know whether the sugaring paste is ready or not. This color should be light golden, as close to the tone of honey, if it is darker can be burnt sugar. Then the mixture will leave to stand at room temperature, never in the refrigerator because it will be too hard.

The sugaring paste is ready when it have a sticky consistency but can be managed and molded.

Application of sugar wax

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Is produced the cleaning of the area for sugar wax to a better sticking. It is convenient applying a little oil in the hand (always removing excess) so that the wax does not stick to the hand too. Then, unlike conventional depilatory wax, sugar wax is applied in the opposite direction to the hair and is perfomed the pull in the same direction as the hair regrowth.

The result of waxing sugar is a smooth, soft skin and no hair. It is important to note that although is a simple procedure requires a little bit of practice.

The Egyptians made use of this system of natural sugaring at the time of the pharaohs and today this method is increasingly popular for considered a natural product.

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