Secrets to Lose Weight Fast

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Secrets to Lose Weight Fast, how to lose weight, loss weight

9 Secrets to lose weight fast

All fashion is temporary and every tendency ends up falling into oblivion, but when it comes to diets, things get complicated. There are so many and they are very varied, that one does not know what to expect when you decide to lose weight fast, or which are the tips truly effectives that will help you lose those kilos left over. Here we offer you ten tips to help you apply practical way to lose weight fast.

1.- Forget about weigh yourself

According to some research, the dietary control lies not in counting calories or weighing food. It is, rather, to ask for two entries in a restaurant instead of a main course, or avoid eating bread when we eat pasta.

2.- Reserve some fruit

It is advisable and convenient carry a piece of fruit in your bag or even have some reservations at work. When you feel temptation to snack between meals, forget the tempting chocolates and go to your provision of fruit.

3.- Set limits and then do not think about it

One of the most boring things when we talk about lose weight fast, is to have to think about all the food that we put into to our mouth. Therefore, it should set limits at first so that later, not having to think every time we eat something. A good example is, in cafes and buffets, take a plate or bowl very small at first, then fill it indiscriminately: the size of the dish itself prevent us from overeating.

4.- Take care of your dental hygiene after lunch

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As many people have proved, as soon as we brush our teeth, we have no feeling of wanting to keep eating, the body interprets that the intake is over. So brush your teeth immediately after you ate, when we no longer want more, prevent us from keep eating by gluttony.

5.- Take a picture of 'before'

It is very practical, and is how people who have proven qualify it, take a picture before to start with the challenge of lose weight fast, naked or in their underwear. Thus, when tempers fall and we are tempted to leave the diet or hit us a binge, see the photo is the only motivation we need to keep eating in a healthy way.

6.- Avoid calorie liquids

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The high-calorie beverages should be avoided. Fizzy drinks, beer and perhaps the most hard one, wine are strictly prohibited.

7.- Wear your tightest pants

If we wear loose clothing we do not constantly feel the need to lose weight fast. Wear your tightest pants, tights or leggings, and your most tight shirts: will help remind you to stay away from calories.

8.- Hydrate

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Drinking lots of water is always beneficial, not only to lose weight fast, but to maintain a healthy quality of life.

9.- Put away leftovers

Serve yourself and immediately, keep leftovers in a bowl and put it in the fridge. Do not grant the pleasure of repeating or the possibility of falling into temptation and scrape one last teaspoon. So you eat only the portion you have selected in the first place and avoid excess.

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