Healthy Food for Weight Loss

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12 Healthy food for weight loss

Are you looking for a healthy way for weight loss? Think about this question: Are all calories equal? Seems very simple, but the answer varies greatly among scientists. Until recently, most nutritionists thought so, that all calories were equal and, since fats are the type of nutrient that contributes more energy, is the first one we should reduce if we want to weight loss.

Different type of foods go through different metabolic processes in the body, and have very different effects on hunger hormones and how many calories we burn. If we want to the weight loss be complete, we have to prioritize food intake to help us in this important goal.

1.- Eggs

Eggs, like fats, are living a second youth, thanks to new studies that certify that neither contribute to high cholesterol levels (as some people still believe) or increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. In addition, eggs are a perfect weight loss food, as they are rich in protein and healthy fats, allowing us to be satisfied with a relatively low intake of calories.

2.- Leafy greens

Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, chard or spinach, have several properties that make them an essential food in any diet. They are low in calories and carbohydrates, but rich in fiber, and are perfect as a side dish, to increase the volume of our meals without increasing your caloric intake.

3.- Salmon

Salmon is one of those foods that always appears on such lists on healthy foods. And it's no wonder. This type of fatty fish (must also appoint trout, mackerel, sardines and herring) are very rich in healthy fats and protein, and other nutrients like iodine. As the eggs meet the magic combination ideal for weight loss: fill a lot, but little fat.

4.- Cruciferous Vegetables

The vegetables from the cruciferous family are high in fiber but, unlike lettuce are very satisfying because they also have enough protein. If we bothered a little, we will learn to cook them differently for take them as a main dish and not just accompaniment.

5.- Chicken and lean beef

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The meat has been unfairly demonized when, in fact, cuts with less fat are ideal for weight loss. Apart from processed meats (like hot dogs or sausage), chicken and beef are necessary in any diet, as are those who really make you not go hungry.
Various studies show that increased protein intake around 25% can reduce our cravings by 60%, thus preventing us to eat between meals.

6.- Boiled potato

Although the potato is unusual in dieting, it has several properties that we should consider. For starters, this is a very complete food, with a variety of nutrients, virtually all we need to live. But also, they fill a lot. In the ranking of satiating foods, potatoes occupy the first position, with quite difference. Yes, we must eat them boiled, never fried, as in this case its calorie content increases markedly.

7.- Tuna

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Low in calories, high in protein and low fat. Tuna is perfect for a weight loss diet. Also in tin, but in this case it is preferable to opt for the "natural" variety, not "oil".

8.- Soups

The more we fill a food in proportion to their calorie intake is better for weight loss. And the only thing that not fattening is water. So if we add water to our food, we will fill more while consuming the same calories, and eat less during the rest of day. At least that's what some studies have shown.

9.- Cottage cheese and yogurt

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For a long time people who wanted to lose weight were advised to reduce intake of dairy products, given their high fat content. But regardless of that fat is not so bad, not all dairy are equal. One of the best is the cottage cheese, which has lots of protein and fewer carbohydrates and fats. Again, this is a very satisfying food.

The conventional yogurt, is rather rich in fat, full more that you can replace any dish that, in the end, would give us a lot more calories. Yes, we must prevent varieties of flavors that always have enough sugar.

10.- Avocado

There is no doubt that the avocado fruit is fashionable, and no wonder, since it is very special. While most fruits are rich in carbohydrates, avocados noted for their high content in healthy fats, the same type as the olive oil. Yes, they are also one of the fruits with more calories, but given its huge satiating power, it is one of the most recommended diet foods.

11.- Some cereals

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Although cereals have gained bad reputation in recent years, there are some types that are very healthy and you can use them in weight loss diet. This are some gluten-free grains and whole grain that besides being rich in fiber, have enough protein. The best include, oatmeal, brown rice and quinoa. Keep in mind that refined grains are the worst, and some foods that are touted as whole grain are highly processed and harmful garbage.

12.- Fruit

Although it contains sugar, fruit is essential for a weight loss diet, because it meets the perfect role for dessert (for people who are unable to not finish the meal with something sweet in the mouth) and its relationship calories/satiety is perfect. Numerous epidemiological studies also find that people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables is healthier than those who eat few.

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