Reasons Why you Don't Lose Weight Properly

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8 Reasons of why you don't lose weigh properly

Although we spent hours doing exercises and doing slaughtered diets, often we fail to lose weight. Learn why it happens. Achieve that flat stomach and shapely body is almost an impossible dream for many. Although you spend hours in the gym and have decided to start extreme dieting, there are things you can be doing to prevent you notice your sacrifices to lose weight. To start noticing results much effort into exercise and diet, you need to stop making these eight errors that usually commit.

Mistakes that you may commit when you try to lose weight

1.- Believing that all calories are equal

Maybe you think that having a chocolate calories equivalent to the same with other foods, but it is not. Everything you eat has its own amount of calories, so before consuming any product that you know it makes you fattening, read the table that indicates how much fat or carbohydrates you are consuming.

2.- Not drinking enough fluids.

One of the mistakes that many people commit is drinking little water. We often mistake thirst for hunger and eat instead of ingeast liquid, we began to eat things that makes us gain weight. It is therefore important that you begin to include more water in your daily diet to lose weight.

3.- Exercising after eating a lot of sugar

One way to remove the guilt of having cocky eating a lot of sugar is making a strenuous exercise routine then after devouring everything. However, you will get nothing doing this. So if you thought you could eliminate that roll doing a lot of exercise after eating, you are totally wrong.

4.- Eat only carbohydrates

Eat only carbohydrates will cause your insulin to skyrocket and get fat easily. If you plan on eating carbohydrates, is better to accompany it with a small amount of fat and protein. Believe it or not, eating this way you will control your weight better.

5.- Skipping a meal

Did you know that not eating a meal slows your metabolism? This makes it easier to earn a few extra kilos and do not let you lose weight correctly. In addition, this causes a voracious hunger, causing that you eat more than you should when you get to eat.

6.- Perform extreme calorie diets

Some people believe that extreme calorie diets are the trick to lose weight, but it is not. The only thing you will win is to make your metabolism slower and start to burn fewer calories. If you were thinking to follow this method to lose weight is better than the discards.

7.- Eat little and too much exercise

You may have results at first, but over time you will also reduce your muscle mass and slow down your metabolism. Therefore, it is better to exercise and perform a healthy diet to lose weight.

8.- Dieting first and then start exercising

Sometimes when we decided to lose weight the first thing we do is to follow a diet and start exercising after, however, the most appropriate is the opposite. This will avoid the rebound effect and lose muscle mass.

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