Tips for a Perfect Depilation

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Do you believe in a perfect depilation?

Today most girls are worry about keeping their skin depilated and free of those hairs that make her look less feminine. Having a radiant skin requires much care and when we depilate it we should take extra precautions because the skin is exposed to different factors that can irritate and leave a little pleasing appearance.

Sticking to the need of hair removal that are most women, today you can find many differents methods for achieve good depilation of different areas of the body. But regardless of the method that we like, there are certain precautions that will help us to achieve a perfect finish for a silky and radiant skin.

How to make the perfect and lasting depilation

1. Before and after waxing, you must protect from the sun. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible and then do not forget the sunscreen.

2. If you use a depilatory cream or foam, remember to do a small test of the product in a body area to verify that there are no adverse reactions.

3. If you want to use electric razors, remember that the skin should be dry.

4. If you use disposable razors, ensures that the blades are very clean and be very careful with those that begin to look oxidized.

5. If you are the type of girl who remove your hair with wax or want to try this method, before the depilation exfoliate the skin using an exfoliating cream. This helps to remove dead cells and also prevents ingrown hairs and eliminates them more easily.

6. After a warm shower is a good time to depilate, because the pores are dilated and the hair will come out more easily.

7. Avoid using hair creams before the depilation, as this will prevent the wax from sticking to the skin. Ideally, the area to be waxed might be completely clean and dry.

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8. After waxing, apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to refresh the affected area. A good idea is to use natural ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera. Its properties help to prevent irritated skin and promote hydration.

9. Many women do not want to depilate their legs, arms or face, since they do not have thick or heavy hair, so it is recommended in these cases to make a discoloration.

10. A good alternative to traditional hair removal machines, blades, cream or wax, is a depilaton with sugar. It is a natural product that through a simple preparation method allows easily remove hair, leaving one exfoliated skin soft and smooth.

This hair removal technique is used since antiquity, not only for its simplicity, but also because it promotes healthy skin, is economical and prevents skin irritation especially those who have sensitivity.

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