How to Prevent and Treat Acne Naturally

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Do you wanna prevent and treat acne naturally?

When acne is a chronic skin problem, the problem is difficult to treat and therefore can generate poor self-esteem in the individual as well as depression and other emotional problems.

What is acne?

Acne is the most common skin disease which is characterized by the appearance of lesions, pimples and blackheads as a consequence of an inflammation and subsequent infection of the follicular pore. After suffering any type of acne, especially the most serious, often left scars that aesthetics will affect the person. The good news is that today there are many treatments for different types of acne and its symptoms can be reduced by improving the condition of each of those who suffer.

Who is affected and what causes acne?

Acne affects 80% of teenagers, being frequent between 10 and 17 years in women and men between 14 and 29 years. But this does not mean that adults can not experience it, in fact, some are beginning to suffer from age 25 onwards.

Acne is formed when there is an interaction between hormones, sebum and bacteria living on or in the skin, and also on hair. The dry tallow, scaly skin and bacteria are accumulated in the skin and there is where the famous pimples and blackheads are formed. This usually occurs due to hormonal changes, hormonal factors, the pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycle, stress, use of certain drugs, among others.

What are the stages and evolution of acne?

When you are not paying attention to acne, it usually evolves gradually and may disappear by itself. However, almost never goes unnoticed and is very important to be alert to a problem of most advanced acne, because it will be more difficult to treat and requires special treatment.

Stages of Acne

- In the first stage we note that there is a little redness and swelling on the skin.

- In the next step and we begin to notice as the problem becomes more acute and how pimples and blackheads appear.

- In the third stage occurs the Papulopustular acne, which is initially presents in a reduced way, but if left untreated can trigger a more serious problem.

- In the fourth stage, the Papulopustular acne is a bit more serious, since it will be difficult to treat the infection, including using conventional treatments.

- In the last stage of acne, occurs cysts and nodules, which represent a more serious skin problem and is must necessarily to be treated with the help of a dermatologist.

Some tips to prevent and eliminate acne

There is no sure way to prevent acne, but the following tips can help you to reduce the risk of appearing outbreaks.

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1.- Hygiene

Cleaning the skin plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of skin. When we wash our face and other areas of the body where acne occurs, we can remove excess skin oil and as well as dirt that may favor those clogged pores and skin irritation. Frequently clean your face with soap and water, and also performs regular exfoliation

2.- Clean after exercise

When we exercise the sweat can block our pores, causing acne condition worse. Likewise, if we work in places with excessive heat such as barbecues, selling fast food and generally where there is contact with fatty foods, it also can become a influential factor. In conclusion, after much sweat is recommended to wash your face well and those areas likely to suffer from acne.

3.- Careful when you use chemicals products

Many skin care products and makeup, use certain chemicals that can affect the health of the skin and promote the development of acne. Likewise, the use of gels, hairspray and other hair products often cause the appearance of pimples, so it is very important to apply away from the face.

4.- Do not try to remove them

Many people can not resist to take out grains by force and this can worsen the condition. If you have a pimple, it is best to wait out for their different stages and apply some kind of conventional treatment.

Natural treatments for acne

Acne is a aesthetically serious problem that can make us feel very frustrated and may even lose our self-esteem. Luckily, besides the help of a dermatologist, there are some effective natural treatments to improve this condition and give battle to the problem. Here we give you the best natural remedies to treat acne.

1. Carrots mush: Place a carrot to boil water and once it is cooked, and then make a puree. Let stand a few minutes, then spread it on the affected skin and leave on 20 minutes.

2. Garlic: Garlic is full of antibacterial and antibiotic properties that can help us to significantly improve the acne problem. The consumption of this food is recommended to treat this problem, so it is recommended to eat it raw, in salads chopped over pasta, among others. You could also mush up and applied topically to the affected area.

3. Aloe vera: Aloe vera is one of the most widely used natural remedies for skin beauty, and its properties help fight acne. For this apply the aloe vera pulp on the affected area, preferably several times daily.

4. Lemon juice: Thanks to its disinfectant properties, lemon juice is another good allies to fight acne. Apply lemon juice on the affected area, trying to do it at night because the exposure to sunlight after this treatment can give unfavorable results and stain the skin.

5. Milk and Oatmeal: Milk and oats are two good allies for skin care, together make an excellent exfoliant to remove excess oil and dead cells. Mix three tablespoons of oatmeal in a little hot milk to form a paste to apply on face for 15 minutes.

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