Tips for Losing Weight After 40

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Weight loss, healthy, after 40

Some tips for losing weight after 40

It is true that for some years you has gained some extra kilos, but now you would like to keep your figure and stabilize yourself. Keys to success: watch your weight and eat varied!

Tips for losing weight and keep in shape

Over the years, the body will slowly changing, it is inevitable. It is also normal to be 50 with a few kilos more than when we were 20 years is a physiological reality we must admit! However, not always easy to stabilize the extra weight. Although we have to avoid weigh yourself every day, monitor weight with regularly allows us to act quickly: is the best way to avoid the accumulation of kilos and its negative consequences, for both the figure and health.

Strategy: You know that a healthy and varied diet is one of the keys to wellness and good health. Pay attention to what you eat, but choosing foods properly can improve the nutritional quality of your meals, and help you to be fully fit for your diet.

Advantage: You know exactly what you must. You know hunger control and have learned to appreciate more quality than quantity.

Traps You Must Avoid if You Want to Have a Perfect Body Shape

Do not consume enough dairy products to keep solid bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, it is advisable to adults take at least 1,200 mg of calcium daily. It is therefore essential to take 3 to 4 daily dairy products: milk, yogurt, cheese. They are rich in calcium, either skim or whole. But attention: combinations of fruit juice-milk just provide calcium and small bottles of milk beverage contribute a significantly less than a yogurt calcium.

Being a perfectionist

You want to do it too well. Attention: dieting to lose weight does not mean having to eat every day the same, cook only in one way or deprived daily! To lose weight without frustrated and, above all, to return to weight gain, eating must remain a pleasure.

Other tips for losing weight

Move! Moving and increase physical activity allows you to eat more and still losing weight at the same time. To improve the figure and the fitness at the same time, walk more, walk up the stairs and takes 10 minutes of exercise a day if possible. Enjoy without jeopardizing the line. Watch as examples the following foods and dishes to liven up your meals:

-Herbs: (parsley, chervil and chives fresh or frozen): keep these instructions handy for seasoning salads and entrees. It is also very useful to have a collection of jars with herbs and spices, shallots, chives and lemon.

-Frozen preparations: to bind and bring body. Just have calories and no fat.

-Hazelnut or walnut oil: rich in essential fatty acids and, as has much aroma, sure there will abuse in salads.

-Combine frozen fresh vegetables: lists, original and tasty. They can be boiled or steamed to renew the plate of vegetables! Exotic fruits (mangoes, lychees, kumquats, passion fruit) are no more caloric than other fruits and can consume 2-3 times a day.

-Drinks light: light coca flavored sparkling water with no calories, hot mint tea or ice cream (sweetened occasionally).

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