Flat Stomach Without Effort is Possible!

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A flat stomach without effort is now possible!?

If your tummy is not the result of an increase in weight, then you may be a result of a poor diet, a digestive problem or simply an inappropriate lifestyle. Then we give you 10 tips to regain your figure.

1. Remains upright

"Stand straight," used to say your mother. Today, this phrase makes more sense than ever, since straighten your back and put the gut are gestures that may help to have a better silhouette. The female pelvis has a tendency to go forward, causing the belly out. So controlling the posture is essential: your appearance will improve and back and spine will be alleviated.

2. Do 'dolmen'

This is a very simple exercise that will teach you to reposition the belly. Get on all fours getting the gut and keeping your back and neck straight. Relaxes the gut and then put it. Contract it while breathing, count to seven then relax. This exercise will allow you to purchase the gut reflex meter while the transverse muscles will work. The "dolmen" should not hurt. At first do not do more than two or three consecutive repetitions.

3. Work your abs at the office

It is discrete movements that can daily to reduce gut. Exercises done repeatedly several times a day are more effective than one session of gymnastics a week. When you're sitting at your desk, take support on the armrests, hits back to back and up the knees at the same time. Count to seven to rest. Repeat the movement several times.

4. Work your abs on the subway or bus

What better than to take this time out for exercise! If you travel standing, lift your leg a few inches off the ground and keep your posture while you contract your abs. Lift your leg a little more and move your foot as if to draw small circles.

5. Put the belly when you walk

Put the belly is enough to work your abs. So break out your walks to collapse them and strengthen them.

6. Make abdominals

Doing crunches is most effective for toning the transverse muscles. However, to carry out such studies it is very important to take care the back position, which must rest firmly on the floor. Bend your knees and put your hands behind your head; then lift your chest as if to sit. Repeat the movement 40 times, inspiring when lean his head on the floor and exhale when you make the effort. Leaves exercising if you feel pain or discomfort in the back.

7. Stimulates muscles

You can invest in a machine muscle stimulation, which, although not a miracle, helps tone the abdominal belt. How does it work? The call electrostimulation causes contractions that last between one and five seconds. If it is used properly, following the advice of a professional, you'll get the skin look better.

8.Make bicycle

Remember how much you "suffered" in gym class when the teacher made you do this exercise. It is normal, because the pedaling motion works the abs like no other. It is very effective, especially if you breathe properly. Lying on your back, hands behind head, move your legs as if you were treading air. Make at least 20 reps, less is useless. And if it hurts, do not panic. When it comes to abs, the more painful exercises are the most effective!

9. Jump rope

This game of childhood is very effective when it is practiced as a sport, because it works the whole musculature (legs, forearms, etc.), and improves breathing. The best way is to jump with feet together and knees slightly bent, and always giving small jumps. Ideally make 60 or 70 of these per minute. Get a good pair of shoes to cushion the impact and grab a rope for you. Take each of its ends, put them in the height of the hip and verifies that touches the ground slightly. After jumping stretch properly to prevent soreness.

10. Practical endurance sports

Besides all the above, to maintain the flat stomach you must practice an endurance sport, for example cycling or swimming. Such exercises help mobilize the reserves of both sugar and fat and increase the index responsible for fat burning hormones. Remember that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Ideally, you should practice at least 30 minutes a sport every day. But a hike tightening the abs is already a start.

With these ten simple tips you can get the stomach you want in a blink of an eye.

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