Natural Remedies to Combat Stress

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Natural remedies for stress

Stress, the evil endemic of the late 20th century and 21. How to fight with it? Who does not suffer at some point? It is a physical and emotional situation that is present in a large percentage of the population, caused by multiple social elements, and primarily by our work environment and lifestyle. The official medical treatment for stress is usually associated with the intake of a number of drugs whose main action is mask the main symptom, anxiety.

With these medicines our perception change, but it does not determine our best ability to adapt to difficult life situations. I.e, modify the effect, but does not attack the cause.

There is a wide range of plants and remedies that will help us fight stress, and improved from that perspective can fight and adapt better (improve our adaptive capacity) to situations that cause it. Because do not forget that stress has a strong psychic component that can not be cured with a plant, but we can help you be better prepared for the fight, get in better physical situation where we can positively face our problems.

What natural remedies help us fight stress? How do they work? How to use them?

1) Infusion of leaves of bitter orange

The bitter orange has many properties, but which concerns us now is its calming and antispasmodic (relieves muscle tension) and provides a light sedation. It is also a potent carminative (reduces the production of intestinal gas), digestive, able to effectively combat fever and act regulating our intestines. Its infusion, which we will prepare by boiling two orange leaves per cup of water and letting it sit before taking, is an excellent sedative and mild sleep aid that will help us calm our nerves. We can take up to three cups daily.

2) Basil infusion

The leaves are a powerful adaptogen (substances that help the body achieve mental, physical and working optimum performance), which produced significant protection against stress. Even without suffering from it we can chew 12 leaves daily, to prevent it. Its soothing and sedative properties are significant. We can prepare its infusion by adding the 5 grams of leaves in a cup of boiling water and letting it stand at least 5 minutes. It is best to have a cup after each meal.

3) Infusion of lemon balm for stress

To relieve symptoms and combat stress, we can make a tea with a spoonful of lemon balm per cup boiling for 15 minutes and then letting it sit another ten. You can drink up to 4 cups a day

4) Bath balm, lavender and mint for stress

Who does not enjoy a relaxing and aromatic bath? The bath balm, lavender and mint add effects to those of previous infusions. We can boil 5 liters of water to which we will add one hundred grams of lavender flowers, a hundred of balm, and a hundred of peppermint, and after 15 minutes of rest, we add it to the water in our bath, and take this bath before bed.

5) The Passiflora powerful

Another natural remedies that can be employed, although with some caution for its power, is the Passiflora or Passion Flower. Its growth is predominantly American tropics, but in Europe is often used as an ornamental hedges, but caution, it must be only Passiflora incarnata and not another of the more than 500 species in the world. You can take extracts in drops, and usually the dose is usually about thirties dilute drops in a couple of inches of water, or directly on the tongue because its flavor, like licorice, is nice.

In terms of frequency of use, as it may cause dizziness or confusion in high doses, has to be somewhat guarded, not exceeding beyond three or four times daily the amount mentioned. If you use it simultaneously with any of the above infusions, its effects are enhanced, thus we will not have to take so much and will balance in a more harmonious way our body, adapting it better to combat stress.

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