12 Consequences of not Sleeping Well

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Consequences of not sleeping well

Scientific studies are increasingly giving evidence that poor sleep can affect our daily lives and our health. There are multiple consequences, both physically and also psychologically, when we fail to have a restful sleep.

According to experts, a person should sleep 7 to 8 hours daily to maintain optimal physical, emotional and mental state. However, changes in the lifestyle of today have made that sleep quality and the ideal time to rest becomes worse. To make you realize all the effects you can suffer when you do not sleep well, then we give you a list with 12 consequences of not sleep well.

1) Win overeating and anxiety

Lack of sleep is related to the desire to eat excessively, especially at night when the metabolism slows down. Because of this, we increase the calories and carbohydrates, which make us gain weight more easily. Also, when we do not sleep enough we have more tendency to want to eat more fast food, even though in reality we do not feel hungry.

2) Increased risk of having an accident

According to research, people who fail to get at least 6 hours a day of sleep, triple the risk of having an accident with his car for drowsy driving due to the effects on coordination eyepiece. And if you do not have some kind of vehicle to have an accident, anyhow suffer the effects being more awkward.

3) Weakened immune system

When we do not have a restful sleep and we prevent our body to rest properly, our immune system is weakened and, therefore, have a greater tendency to suffer from flu, colds and respiratory infections.

4) Uncontrolled emotions

When we do not sleep well, the emotional regions of the brain are most active, up to 60%, causing us to have more uncontrolled and inappropriate reactions.

5) Less physical attractiveness

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There is no doubt that having a good sleep is the key to looking better and stay physically fit. According to several studies show, when we do not sleep well, we have a more decayed appearance, which is reflected especially in our face. Over time this can worsen and cause premature aging.

6) Weakening of brain tissue

Spend just one sleepless night can sometimes weakening and loss of brain tissue. This is calculated by blood levels of two brain molecules, often increase by brain damage.

7) Concentration problems and poor memory

Failure to get enough rest and have a little sleep affects our ability to concentrate and makes us forgetful. In turn, this issue may affect our ability to learn and retain concepts.

8) Increased risk of stroke

In the long term, not sleep well and have poor sleep habits can increase the risk of having a stroke, especially in adults and the elderly.

9) Obesity risk

In addition, our craving for food increases in these times when we can not sleep. Numerous studies claim that poor sleep affects metabolism and hormones such as ghrelin and leptin that regulate appetite, change their levels considerably.

10) Increased risk of cancer

Although it seems to have nothing to see, research has been determined that people who do not sleep well have increased risk of colorectal polyps, which can become malignant over time. In addition, other studies have linked to the development of breast cancer.

11) Heart disease

The lack of good sleep is associated with increased blood pressure, clogged arteries and heart problems.

12) Less lifespan

Sleeping well is synonymous of quality of life and more years. It was determined that those who slept less had a higher risk of dying at a younger age than those who slept well.

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