Benefits of doing Yoga

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Why you should consider doing yoga?

Yoga has gained increased popularity in recent years. Some people begin practicing yoga in order to keep your body in shape, for medical advice, seeking emotional or mentalstability, orjust for a spiritual theme. The truth is that whatever the reason is that impulse you to start, yoga has many health benefits, and those who practice it consistently and disciplined manner, have indicated feel a positive change in their body and health.

Yoga is a practice that seeks to become aware of the bond between the body, mind and spirit. This practice has several key components. Some examples are the principles or rules of life (yama and niyama), breath control (prananayama), meditation (dhyana), among others. However, in the West, the most popular of these components are postures. It is about a series of postures that are done with the body and usually take place in a fluid, moving from one posture to another, and in connection with breathing.

These exercises have a huge impact on the body and health of those who practice, which has generated curiosity in many of the most prestigious universities in the world, more and more research on the benefits of practicing yoga performed.

Some Benefits of doing Yoga

1) Improves muscle tone, motor coordination, posture and flexibility.

2) Help those suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, sleep problems, concentration problems and helps relaxation.

3) Improves the digestive system.

4) Help Stress Management producing treatments in people with cancer and other diseases.

5) Support in treating heart conditions. Studies indicate that combined with proper diet, patients with heart ailments and also practice yoga, substantially improve their condition, as they achieve lower cholesterol in the blood, stress, lower blood pressure, and frequency and severity of chest pains.

6) Benefits people who have respiratory problems such as asthma.

7) Practice yoga help in the treatment of degenerative diseases.

8) Also it has been shown that aid in the treatment of injuries, back pain, hormonal problems, among others.

Despite the myths about yoga, it should be clarified that it has religious overtones, is for people of any age, and is not a practice disconnected from reality or "flown". On the contrary, yoga helps to face reality and the problems and everyday situations in a more calm and controlled manner. However, for the physical, mental or emotional benefits, you must practice constant and disciplined manner.

It is essential that the practice is guided by teachers who are certified as such and with sufficient education and experience to ensure the teaching and learning responsibility. Additionally, the student must have the approval of their doctor, in case of suffer from any illness or physical condition especially, it should be inform to your teacher.

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