15 Tips for being Happy

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15 tips for happiness

Being happy. That is the ultimate goal we all have in this life. Some seek to be happy through love, others through work, others trough family. But, we do not know anyone that is sure to be happy. Are there any home remedies for it? We have read many tips to be happy, and we never just believe. The reason? It seems very easy to us!

However, the easiest way is often the most difficult in this case, since we live in a society that conditions us to not ever be happy with what we have; to want more and more; to have a goal and when we achieve it, find another. We do not listen to our body, we do not turn off our minds and we do not live the moment, the present, but we live in the past and in the future, with the mind set in a thousand things.

With this introduction, what we just want to say is that the tips to be happy you're looking for, and we'll give you, may seem easy and obvious. In that case, why you do not try to apply? Start slowly and one by one, and go incorporating them into your daily life without stress. If there are home remedies for happiness certainly are these.

15 tips to be happy:

1. Get up early

To be happy tou have to live, and to live you have to be awake, enjoy the daylight, feel vital. It say the saying "God helps those who get up early" and be a believer or not, you know the profound meaning of this saying is true. So, you know: Rise early whenever you can to get your life!

2. Visualize your day

What do you want to do today? Think about it. Sure there are many things you've always wanted to do, but you've been putting off, by laziness that gives having to commit to achieve your own goals, in doing what you like. Often it seems easier to continue with our routine and our daily obligations; and it would be nice if we liked, but the common thing we do not like or do not satisfy us completely. Said that, what are you going to do today?

3. Love yourself

Why so many insecurities? Why do you think you have to prove to others that you worth? And better yet, why do you have to prove to yourself that you are capable? These are all signs of low self esteem. Most of our insecurities come from when we were younger, but that does not justify that we accommodate in those negative thoughts: Do you want that they want you? First you have to love yourself. Do not push yourself, accept yourself. Approve your strengths and your weaknesses. And if there is something about you that you do not like and you can not accept... Try to change it!

4. Follow your dreams

You know what you want to do in your life? Do you know what is your dream? If the answer is "no," then you have to try. Try, try, try until you find what you love, what makes you full. It do not need not be very large, very important or give you money. It can be anything: running, drawing, helping others. Try to analyze what things you enjoy doing and, from there, trying to deduce what else might like. When you know what you want to achieve in your life, or what I like to do: just do it.

5. Eat healthy and varied

What we eat is a reflection of how much or how little we want us. If you want yourself, why would you have this need to reward you with food? Sure the times you've dieted (or have tried) you felt good about your body: lighter, slimmer, more beautiful ... More you. Eating healthy and varied will help you feel better and more vital; but if you decide to diet, choose well what home remedies you will apply, as they have to be well balanced.

6. Create healthy habits

Get close to nature: do not waste water in a silly way, turn the lights off, go out to the field, breathe fresh air, exercise. Your thoughts are not everything, so invest in physical expression and exercise. Sure makes you feel better.

7. Meditate daily and listen to music

Take this test: try to think of nothing for 1 minute. Concentrate, hear the silence or try to find hidden from outside noise. Without thinking about anything, just being there, in the present. Sure you thought very difficult or even you could not get more than a few seconds And it almost never turn off our minds! It is so full of noise that we find almost impossible to rest. And worst of all, as we are constantly working, when you really need it, is already sold out. Try to take 15 minutes each day to meditate, that is, to leave the mind blank: listen to music, relax and focus on your breathing. There are several recorded meditations that you can use to guide your workout. Gradually you can train your mind to be quiet, attentive and present.

8. Give yourself time

From home to work, from work to the supermarket, form supermarket to class. Stop for a little! Are you afraid to do nothing? To not use the time? Take time each day to be with yourself, to listen to what your body needs. To do what you like. It is assumed that the working hours of 8 hours serve for having more time for ourselves, and yet all we do with the time we have left over is to do more! Prioritizes not want to do anything at all hours. Enjoy the quiet.

9. Surround yourself with your loved ones

There is something almost as important as the love of self and love toward others. Take your time with your parents, to see friends, to spend time with your children. Do not make excuses for other obligations. Watch your personal relationships and spend time with those who you want and who also want you.

10. Smile

Did you know that your body interprets a smile with happiness? This means that when you smile you are sending to your mind the following message: I am happy! making a reality. In addition, a smile is the best introduction, so that will everyone have a greater predisposition to deal with you; relax and give the best of themselves.And is that smiles are contagious!

11. Believe in yourself

This is closely related to the self-esteem that we talked about earlier. If you do not believe in your abilities, repeat voice affirmative High phrases to convince your brain: "I'm worth a lot", "I am happy," "I accept me and I love me", "I will get what I propose" These words, said aloud -in front of a mirror, will determine your thoughts possibly be doing to believe in them and actually do.

12. Learn something new

"You will never shall lie down without knowing something more." Forget that this is an historical facts, a curiosity or one of our homemade tricks. The knowledge to grow the person, gives resources to live and to understand everything that surrounds it; Also herself. Having internet, you have no excuse to not learn new things!

13. Give, receive and say thanks

Sharing is one of the most beautiful acts out there. For both the giver and the receiver. It is a selfless act of love by which you show someone else to think about it, that youappreciate him or her and value it. Not have to be great gifts. Share a link to something that you like (such as this article) is to make a good gift and has no monetary value.

14. Celebrate your achievements

If it cost you to get something, if you've worked for something that you've finally managed to..celebrate it! Reward your successes and share them with your loved ones. Enjoy the moment and do not think "Now I have to find another goal." Enjoy you have beat it thanks to your effort and your abilities.

15. Do what you love and love what you do

You do not like your job? Your passion is traveling? Believe it or not, it is possible to travel with very little money if you are willing to give up certain comforts. Or perhaps your passion is running, or paint. If you like to doing it, spend time! Look for a way of life that moves you; if you do your job your passion, you will not need much money to live. Live to do what you love and do what you must to get the time or the money to do so.

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