Benefits of Love for Health

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8 Benefits of Love for Health

When we are in love, our body becomes a showcase in which it shows the chemical changes that occur internally. Let see one at one how these changes benefit our health.

How beautiful you are!You are radiant!How young I see you! Sometimes the cause of these changes visible to others is love. Love is one of the five basic emotions present in all human beings and that it has a clear survival function. When we are in love, our body becomes a showcase in which it shows the chemical changes that occur internally. Some of these changes are: increased release of endorphins, reduction in cortisol levels, increased production of dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin, increased levels of estrogen and melatonin release.

¿Which are the Benefits of love for health?

1.-Improve our defenses

Being in touch with love produces greater release of endorphin, the feeling of happiness increases, as they are the best natural substances known as antidepressants, allowing us to enjoy life more. Moreover, endorphins improve the functioning of the immune system, so that love also improves our defenses against diseases.

2.- Lower stress levels

Cortisol is the hormone that is released in response to stress and leads to increased blood pressure. The infatuation help to reduce this hormone, so that the negative effects of chronic stress are reduced in our body, in a natural and enjoyable way.

3.- Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Thanks to love, also increases the production of dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, LOVE IS GOOD FOR THE HEART! Also these substances are responsible for makes us feel good by everything, and we evoke feelings of happiness and pleasure, even in the smallest things in life.

4.- Rejuvenate your skin

By increasing estrogen levels, our skin is better and this makes us look younger and beautiful.

5.- It gives us vitality

Furthermore, the release of melatonin produced by feeling love, improves self-esteem and gives us a sense of vitality, difficult to feel if there is no love in our lives.

6.- It makes you more pretty

Thanks to increased estrogen during the infatuation stage, we experience noticeable physical changes such as beautifying the skin, hair and nails.

7.- Increase our self-esteem

Loving and being loved helps us make sense of our lives, and feel important, safe and with a sense of personal worth and the basic self-esteem for the psychological health and comprehensive.

8.- It gives us more health (and at all stages of infatuation)

So, we can say, from a scientific base, that love health benefits not only in the early stages of infatuation but also when we already feel more stability and calm with our partner of many years.

Thanks to love we create our affective ties from birth, needed for healthy emotional growth, and also thanks to love, we choose a partner to form our own family. As is the case with all the emotions, love is also located in the body and not just in the heart as we usually imagine.

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