How to Avoid bad Breath

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How to avoid bad breath and secure your mouth health

Bad breath or halitosis is a condition that cause us more problems day to day, affecting our self-esteem and forbidding often lead a normal social life. Knowing the main causes of bad breath is important for try to avoid it and combat it, and this problem for some is so limiting can be avoided by taking appropriate measures. How to avoid bad breath and secure your mouth and stomach health.

Bad breath can have four main causes

- Mouth problems
- Stomach problems
- Bad habits
- As a result of certain diseases, in this case usually temporary


Derived from oral problems usually the most common of all. Avoid bad breath of this type is easier than we think, to get it is recommended:

1. Flossing daily: because it helps remove food residues that remain in the teeth favoring the formation of bacteria that lead to bad breath. It also helps control the formation of dental plaque.

2. Brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal without forgetting areas like the wheels or tongue, in order to remove most bacteria. It is important to brush at least three times a day with each main meal.

3. Use mouthwash with brushing will help you maintain good breath longer

4. If you have problems of tooth loss is advisable to solve them, as these are common causes of bad breath.

5. Visit the dentist annually is basic and fundamental if you want to avoid bad breath. An annual professional cleaning will help remove accumulated plaque that causes bad breath, but this review also lets you know if there are problems such as cavities, gingivitis or periodontitis affecting your oral health, causing bad breath.

6. Go to a dentist. If you identify that something is wrong with your oral health, sooner go to a dentist for a check.

Stomach problems

They are another common cause of bad breath, halitosis in these cases does not come from our mouths but comes directly from the stomach, so that no matter how we clean the mouth, we will not get to eliminate it. To avoid bad breath of this type you should:

1. Not be too much time fasting, because this habit favors bad breath. The best it's to have breakfast so be in small quantity.

2. Drink lot of water a day, as this will significantly benefit your intestinal transit, preventing constipation and accumulation of bacteria in the gut, which can cause bad breath.

3. Ingiere Foods rich in fiber, like water which will help to promote intestinal transit.

4. Eat healthily and chew food slowly to promote digestion. Digestive problems also often cause bad breath.

5. Keep the treatment and proper medical supervision if you suffer from conditions such as gastritis or stomach ulcers, which can lead to halitosis for stomach problems.

Some bad habits can promote halitosis

1. Avoid the snuff, since smoking increases the concentration of bacteria in our mouth that create bad breath.

2. Dont consume Spicy with very strong flavors food that then are difficult to remove, such as garlic or onions.

3. Dont drink excess alcohol, especially beer and whiskey, as their compounds tend to adhere to the teeth favoring the formation of dental plaque and thus bad breath.

4. Dont drink too much coffee.

Some diseases such as bronchitis, tonsillitis or strep throat, nasal drips, diabetes or kidney problems can also be the cause of bad breath. In these cases it is best to visit a specialist to recommend us the most appropriate treatment to prevent bad breath caused by these conditions.

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