Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

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Exercises to lose weight

The physical exercise is a great help to combine with your diet to lose weight. Through certain exercises to lose weight fast, we can burn that excess fat that we have in our body, at the same time that we modify the diet to not provide extra fat through food.

To function exercise in fat loss , it must be treated cardiovascular exercise, very different to exercises toning the muscles. First we must learn to differentiate what kind of exercises to lose weight fast is best for us to achieve our goal, and secondly adapt our ability and need to achieve in the shortest time possible.

Exercises to lose weight fast: cardiovascular sport

Cardiovascular exercise also called aerobic sport, is where we need to increase our breathing capacity in order to achieve that our body will have the oxygen it needs to burn fat.

This type of exercise is the only one able to eliminate the fat already accumulated, as it is used as "fuel" to be able to do physical activity. You can easily differentiate when it comes to this type of exercise because both your breathing and heart rate are increased.

This exercise is called "cardiovascular" for many reasons:

- You will burn calories
- Strengthens the heart and makes it more effective distribution of blood
- Increases the capacity of the lungs
- Reduces the risk of many diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks
- Improves sleep and reduces stress in general

These are exercises of low or medium intensity among which we can include dancing, walking, running, aerobics, cycling, skating, swimming, football, basketball and other ball sports, and many others.

Exercises to lose weight fast: walking, running, dancing, house cleaning

For that exercise will be effective in weight loss, you need at least 40 minutes of exercise performed continuously for at least three days a week. To do this we do not need going to the gym, is enough, for example, spend about 40 minutes walking fast, and go increasing exercise intensity until we get run 40 minutes followed with a faster trot. These 40 minutes of running can be equally substituted for 40 minutes of cycling with a friend or with your children, or in an exercise bike in front of the TV while watching an episode of your favourite series, healthier than watching it sitting on the sofa.

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Another method is to choose at least one night a week to go dancing, and stay about 40 minutes straight on the track by moving the skeleton with a lot of energy (although it is best to do so without bringing any drinks with calories in hand, to burn without signing in again more calories to our body).

However, the morning is considered the best time to practice exercises to lose weight fast, because when we wake up our metabolism starts automatically, and works up to 15% faster than during the day, making calorie consumption be most effective. By contrast, metabolism is slower to late hours of the day, so exercise at night makes us to burn calories, but in smaller amounts.

Exercises to lose weight fast fit for the most professional

If you've finally decided to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, extreme exercise every day can be your best ally.

Join the gym, pool or any sport will make that you add health while controlling your weight. You can choose to sign up to be part of a football team, learn a martial art, go swimming in an Olympic pool, or let advised by the experts of fitness to practice spinning, pilates, zumba, or other cardiovascular exercise like this.

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Swimming is the most complete cardiovascular exercise that exist. With it, you can tone up both your heart through aerobic exercises, like the rest of your muscles with certain movements that tone individually.

Other very simple exercises that you can use as tricks to lose weight fast you can include in your workout routine without being heavy or boring result can be:

- Jumping rope: increase your cardiovascular endurance and lose weight just 15 minutes a day. Increasing the intensity gradually you will get more results.
- Dance the hula-hop: it is the best way to lose weight quickly, especially abdominal fat. With 15 or 20 minutes a day you will get to see the results soon.
Running up stairs: with only 10 minutes a day up and down stairs without stopping, you will get in shape and strengthen your legs and buttocks, controlling localized fat in this area. You will have legs of steel in a couple of weeks.

Toning exercises

In addition to aerobic exercise, exist the anaerobic exercise, which is the specific exercise for toning muscles.It is recommend starting with this type of exercise when you have eliminated most fat you want to lose, because with anaerobic exercise the fat is not consumed, and does not help us lose weight. To perform these exercises safely, you need to consult a professional physical activity to guide you in this, because sometimes can be dangerous and do much damage in the body.

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Once you have lost the desired weight from diet and exercise to lose weight fast shown above, the ideal complement to mold our body can be these toning exercises. Although is an option that everyone should choose in the exercises to lose weight fast, because after losing weight, our body will look fantastic, and it will not be necessary mark your muscles if you do not want.

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